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What  To Do?

Well, there are many things to do in Coron and I must say that it's very diverse when it comes to the activities and destinations waiting for you to explore and experience. From lakes to lagoons, marine parks, coral gardens, caves, water  fall, hot springs, ship wrecks and white sand beaches. From scuba diving to snorkeling, free diving, kayaking, paddle boarding, bird watching, hiking, trekking and biking. From the breathtaking landscape of beautiful islands to the countryside, the hills and mountains giving you postcard worthy views, Coron is simply a paradise

Here are the things you can do in Coron:

Go on a Town tour.

People normally go on a town tour on their first day in Coron. There are approximately 7 destinations included on your itinerary namely the Souvenir Shop, Bay walk, Municipal Grounds, the Catholic Church, Mt. Tapyas view deck, Cashew Nut Store and Maquinit Hot Springs. The itinerary varies depending on the tour operator or travel agency or you can also do a DIY Town tour. Town tour usually starts at 3pm onwards. The highlight of the tour is Mt. Tapyas and Maquinit hot springs. If you opt not to avail the Town Tour package from travel agencies, you can simply walk around town and to Mt. Tapyas and then hire a tricycle or rent a motorcycle going to the hot springs. Mt. Tapyas is probably my favorite. It has a view deck with a giant cross overlooking Coron. In order to reach the summit you would need to climb more than 700 steps but don’t you worry because the steps are equally spaced. There are waiting sheds and benches as a resting area if you are tired as well as markers to tell you how many more steps before reaching the summit. Upon reaching the view deck, a breathtaking 360 view of Coron is waiting for you to unfold right between your very eyes. The best time to go here is early morning for the sunrise and afternoon for the sunset. Usually, sunrise is more or less around 5 am and sunset is more or less around 5:30 pm. Do make sure to bring a camera with you and a bottle of water. When I said 360 view, try to go around or behind the cross or at the back of view deck. People sometimes tend to spend their time only at the view deck area. If you go around the view deck look for the gazebo to the right side and make sure to go there and take photos. After a challenging but worth it climb at Mt. Tapyas a dip at the Hot Springs is a must. Approximately 25 minutes away from town and a bumpy ride along the way. The Hot Spring is a three-tiered swimming pool, two of the small pools are the source that flows directly to the bigger pool. The two small pools are a chest or a shoulder deep while the bigger pool is a waist deep. The temperature ranges from 39 to 41 degrees celcius.

Go Island Hopping at Coron Islands

Don't be confused when you hear Coron Islands, it is different from Coron Town.

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